Introducing our new line product. It's cover from Line Array Mini 1188 C it's a triangle line array loudspeaker system. Also a Rectangle Line Array Three Way Loudspeaker system 3388 C.

Try our new OLM 76 Professional Mixing Console Series is a Live Mixing Console for any purpose from 16 channel to 32 Channel. Meet our New Power Amplifier X Series, Face the Chalenge bigger power amplifier. Also our new Professional Graphic Equalizer SEQ 6231 series.

We fullfil our commitment to supply the world with our best product. enjoy our new product that offer you more than other brand product.
And Don't forget that Our development team always research efficiency production cost to produce our product, so our product price can more economical from the other global professional audio manufacturer.

So Enjoy our new feature line product at affordable price.
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